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Reviews & Testimonials of Lakeshore Guys®’ Riprap Shoreline Work

Reviews of Lakeshore Guys®’ Riprap Shoreline Work

Quality pays for itself.  Picking the right shoreline-restoration company is important, because if you get it wrong, your shoreline will crumble or start eroding again in a few years (or next season), and you’ll have to pay for more work if you want to end the erosion for good.  Making a poor choice – like, say, hiring a local landscaper or concrete contractor – ultimately means your shoreline will become just another headache – not the calming retreat it should be.

We hope the in-depth info we share on this site, the photos of our work, and our professional manifesto give you a sense of the craftsmanship and old-fashioned customer-service you can expect of us.  But please don’t stop there.  We hope you’ll also read the online reviews of Lakeshore Guys® (sometimes called Shoreline Guys™).  You can find them on sites like Google Maps and Facebook, but we’ve also included many them word-for-word here on this page.  Where possible, we’ve added customers’ before-and-after photos, so you can see exactly what they’re excited about in their reviews.


“Jumped Through Hoops to Get it Done before the 4th of July”

“This is the first Google review I have been inspired to write, for the simple reason I have never had such a positive experience! We love our cabin, but have always dreamed of having one of those beautiful beaches, but it just seemed overwhelming. Working with Lakeshore Guys to make it happen was truly a joy every step of the way.

“First, their integrity was exceptional. We never felt like we were dealing with sales people. They taught us a lot through the process and steered us towards a product within our budget that would hold up.

“In addition, their responsiveness was incredible. Before we even kicked the project off, I would always hear back on questions within 24 hours. Even through I knew they were crazy busy, working all day, Joe would get back to me sometimes at midnight, but he ALWAYS responded. During the project, Mike the crew lead, called me and sent pictures multiple times a day with a progress report.

“They knew it was important to us to have it done by the 4th of July. They worked magic with their schedule and worked 15 hours days to make it so.

“Finally and most importantly, the professionalism with which they did the work was exceptional. Mike who led the job was extremely thorough and responsive on the job. He walked us through everything to make sure we were aligned. They put in long days to hit our deadline. Their professionalism was unmatched. Literally, neighbors from all directions came to let us know they have never seen such a hardworking, kind and professional crew.

“When we got here and saw the work we nearly cried. This is not a small investment but it has increased our enjoyment of our property so much and was worth every penny. It was such a great experience overall I am ready to become President of the Lakeshore Guys fan club!”

-Bonnie Gross
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Bonnie’s shoreline, before and after:

“Happy Tears”

“My house is 35 feet from the lake. In the past four winters I have lost four feet of my property due to ice pressure against the shoreline. This has caused berms which I have had to dig out in order to get onto the dock, not so easy for a 77 year old great grandma. In the past I have paid thousands to have rip rap installed which only increased the damage each winter. I called several contractors who claimed to do shoreline restoration only to find they were really only landscapers.

“Then I found the web site for Lakeshore Guys®. My call was returned with an explanation of what they do, how they do it and why it works. The next step involved an on site inspection, consultation and estimate at which time many pictures were taken. My project required access down a steep hill, tree removal, removal of old rip rap, huge timbers which framed a beach and the sand therein, installing muskrat proofing, re-grading the slope and removing two sections of dock in order to do the work. On the day Lakeshore Guys® arrived to start work it was raining but that did not slow down the owner or his crew of six. They just got right to it. Even the breakdown of a piece of equipment didn’t hinder them. They simply worked in other areas. In each phase of the makeover the crew worked as if they were dong the work on their own property. Suggestions and permission were always brought up before the work was started or changed as in the removal of trees to make access easier. The crew were always polite and respectful. I never heard a single curse word. The team committed to staying until near dark to complete the job. They took a vote on it. When the dock was replaced Mike re-fit every stone at the approach to make it flat. Many times I saw stones re-arranged and I know they washed them down at least three times in their effort to perfection. I was asked more than once what else could they do to make the outcome better. They asked each other if anything had been missed, checked and checked again. They leveled all the tracks from their equipment, put down top soil and seeded everything except the sod along the top of the rip rap.

“In the end I walked out to the end of the dock to view my new shoreline. I had no idea the transition would be so beautiful. It brought me to tears (happy tears). We had a family get-together of four generations a week after completion. Everyone was awed by the beautiful outcome . That’s not all, I also have instructions on how to maintain my new installation. Going forward I will gladly recommend Lakeshore Guys® to anyone looking to improve their shoreline. They are a true team of perfectionists.”

Deann Ebert
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)
We’ve also got time-lapse videos of Deann’s shoreline being built, here.

Deann’s shoreline, before and after:
Before and after

It’s always a nice surprise when Lakeshore Guys® are offered extra fuel. (Thanks again, Deann!)

One of the Nicest Things We’ve Ever Owned”

“Oh my God, you guys Rock! (No pun intended)

“It’s absolutely beautiful! You have no idea how much the attention to detail and cleanup means to me. I wouldn’t even let the kids play on it today and shooed the ducks off too… It’s definitely a project to be proud of!

“Jonathan and I were talking today struggling with what to say to you once we saw it competed. Looking for words to express what we really thought of the end result. After staring at it for quite a while and reflecting back on what we imagined it could be when the tree first fell, here is what we came up with:

“The details are everything. ..the way the boulders slope to the water, the look of the river rock frost-break just under the water’s edge, beautiful stepping stones perfectly placed into the leveled rocks, meticulously formed sand beach and the edging design with flowing curves (so sexy!). On top of this a carefully dressed lawn ready to start anew. One of the nicest things we have ever “owned”.

“But more than the look of the shoreline, we appreciate your ability to connect with us and easily lead us through decisions to create our desired outcome, even when we weren’t sure exactly what it was or how to do it. Whether that is good sales strategy, comes from the heart, or both, it was well received on our end. Feeling as though you always had time for us and that our project was a top priority is not something you can ask for its something you had to show us.

“Looking back we actually had FUN! Talking through the project, trying to navigate and understand feelings and decisions presented to us. Not only were you fun to work with but your team was a delight as well. We looked forward to every “meeting” and got excited each time your team was at our house!

“Thanks again Joe and the rest of the Lakeshore Guys®, what a great experience!”

Jackie and Jonathan Loose (and Jacob, Aleiah, Lydia, and Stella, and Jim the neighbor)
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Fun fact:

Jackie’s and Jonathan’s project involved removing a huge cottonwood tree that had fallen and uprooted itself. The whole family loved that tree, but Mother Nature had different plans for it. The root-ball was extremely tough to remove, and we had to cart off the whole tree piece by piece. The local news crew that showed up witnessed the feat – all before we even started crafting the shoreline.

The Loose family loves their new shoreline perhaps even more than they loved the grand old tree, but a piece of the tree is alive and well in our office: Jackie and Jonathan sent us a bespoke Lakeshore Guys® sign made from some leftover wood. It’s one of the most memorable gifts a client has sent us, and always reminds us why we do things the way we do them.

A fallen tree and a gift from our customer

“Cleaned up 20 Years of Neglect in a Few Days”

“Cleaned up 20 years of neglect in a few days. Their equipment and finesse operating it quickly completed our project with minimal disturbance to our yard. Dedicated crew that worked hard through a day of steady rain. Joe is a true specialist and we loved his drone photographs. Their final walkthrough to make sure we were completely satisfied assures you of the quality of their work. Highly recommend The Lakeshore Guys® and are enjoying our new beautiful shoreline.”

-Brenda Vatland
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Brenda’s shoreline, before and after:


“Contacted Numerous Companies Over the Last 20 Years. None Would Take on the Job”

“I contacted Joe earlier this Spring asking if he would be willing to give us a quote on riprap for part of our lakeshore. We live on a 4 acre lot with about 260ft of lake shore. Our backyard covers about 85 ft of the lake, with wilder areas on either side. We have been dealing with lake shore issues for almost 20 years. I’ve tried natural lake shore options, plantings, etc and everything ends up looking messy, wild, too wet to weed and maintain. I have also had numerous companies out over the last twenty years asking for solutions and help. None of them would take on the job. I sent Joe pictures and he thought he could help right away. He came out to inspect the area, and talk about expectations before he sent us a very detailed quote. It was exactly what we wanted and we signed up right away. Joe and Mike came out the night before the job was to start to talk to us again, make sure we were on the same page and discuss how the job would go. From there, Mike was outstanding. Not only was he the hardest worker on the job, but he kept us informed every step of the way. The heat was brutal the week they worked, but they kept at it! The entire crew was polite, friendly and attentive. They kept the tools and jobsite tidy the entire time they were here. They laid each rock by HAND!! It was really nice to see a group so invested in creating a quality product. I understand there are not guarantees with lakeshore, but I think our project has the best possible chance of success. A couple days in to the project they realized they would need more rock, because our mucky bottom, really was an endless pit of mucky bottom. But they worked with us and gave us a great deal on the extra supply and we knew if they were suggesting it, that was the way to go. We are VERY satisfied and would recommend anyone needing lakeshore work to give Lakeshore Guys a call!”

-Hillary Patz
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)


“Treated Me As a Friend”

“AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! I have a home in Eastern Tennessee on the French Broad River. I hired a local landscaping firm to install Rip-Rap along a 200 foot riverbank. They had done a patio for me and that installation had gone well, so I contracted with them for the project. I became concerned that they were not using the proper fabric and installation techniques. I tried reaching out to various RipRap construction companies in my area to determine if my concerns were valid. When I received no callbacks, in desperation, I reached out on-line to the Lake Shore Guys. A few hours later I was contacted by Joe Palumbo, the owner of The Lakeshore Guys. Imagine my great surprise! Joe contacted me even though he was on vacation with his wife! I sent Joe pictures and he confirmed my fears, but more importantly gave me sage advice on how to work with my existing contractor to make the necessary changes with my project. He was the Ultimate Professional. He did not trash my contractor, but encouraged me to have faith that my contractor wanted to give me best possible outcome. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with Joe. He treated me as a friend, and when I offered to pay him for his consultation, he refused. You will NEVER find better people to work with than Joe Palumbo and The LakeShore Guys! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

-Tom Pangborn, Kodak TN
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)


“Confident That It Will Outlast Me”

“Joe and the Crew from Lakeshore Guys were fantastic. From the initial consult to the completion of the project the team at Lakeshore Guys exceeded my expectations at every phase of the process. After the project was complete my neighbors couldn’t stop talking about how friendly and courteous the Lakeshore Guys were during the week they were there.

“I was actually not present at most of the project, however, I felt like I was. I was kept in the loop and in constant contact via any form of communication that I preferred. I could tell from the outset that Joe and his team were truly emotionally invested in constructing my lake shore with the finest quality rip rap shoreline they could and were proud of their work when completed. The last day they were meticulously going over the shoreline and would not leave unless every stone was place perfectly. Instead of simply finishing and leaving, they made sure I was satisfied 110% before they completed their work. They left the work site as clean and put together as humanly possible, considering the work that was done I was surprised how little the yard was actually torn up.

“The rip rap shoreline itself is a thing of beauty. It was worth the cost to having it done right and complements the investment made to the lake property itself. This armored shoreline not only aesthetically pleasing but I am more than confident that it will outlast me and truly be a gift to the next generation of my family. Thank you Lakeshore Guys! Evan, Kaci and Reagan”

-Evan Wilmer
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)


“Lakeshore Guys Worked on Several Neighbors’ Shorelines. Easy Decision for Us”

“The Lakeshore Guys have worked on several of our neighbors shorelines and the quality of their workmanship really shows. That made for an easy decision when it was time for us to start our shoreline project.

“Joe (Owner) was extremely helpful in helping us make decisions on our project and was very responsive to any questions we had. Joe responded to EVERY email we sent him (there were a lot) in less than 24 hours with several responses coming within minutes.

“When construction began Ron, Mike and the rest of the guys were there daily to make sure that every last detail was perfect. They take a lot of pride in what they do and encouraged us to check in with them several times a day to make sure that our shoreline project exceeded our expectations which it did!

“Thank you Joe, Ron, Mike and everyone that worked on our project, it looks fantastic!”

Review on Google Maps (5 stars)


“Couldn’t Be More Pleased with the Result”

“The Lakeshore Guys® did an awesome job on our eroded, ugly and high maintenance shoreline. They turned it into a thing of beauty! The crew was outstanding and kept us informed every step of the way. They paid attention to every little detail and made sure that our input was solicited throughout the project. All of our questions and concerns were addressed in a timely and professional manner.

“We did the initial design with Joe last fall (2017) and planned to start the project in May/June 2018. The original design included a small sand beach, primarily as a landing spot for our paddle boat. Over the winter months I started to have doubts about that beach as I was concerned it could turn into an ongoing maintenance issue (I’m all about “maintenance-free”!). So Joe tapped into his creative abilities to design a maintenance-free boat “storage ramp” complete with a wench for launching and “docking” the boat. The crew then turned that initial design into a highly functional reality that should last for many years to come (again, maintenance-free?). We couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

“So thanks Joe, Ron, Mike and crew. Your attention to detail and your determination to “do it once, do it right” turned our lake shore project into one of the most successful projects we have ever undertaken. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a picture of your entire team next to the word “craftsmanship” in the dictionary.”

-Darrell Adkins
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Darrell’s shoreline, before and after:


“Did What They Said They Would Do”

“Great quality of work and quality of communications. They did what they said they would do. I’m very happy, would recommend The LakeShoreGuys all day!”

-Michael Donovan
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Michael’s shoreline, before and after:


“Property Value Increased”

“The Lakeshore Guys® were excellent from start to finish. Communication was frequent, and positive. Questions were answered promptly and thoughtfully. The work couldn’t;t have been better. Our ragged shoreline was filled with sink holes, over grown weeds and we were losing our back yard by the foot. Now that Lakeshore Guys® have built our Rip Rap shoreline it is a thing of beauty. My realtor friend told me that our property value increased significantly after their work was done. Price quote was met and no sneaky adds along the way. Truly felt like the guys cared about the work and the finished product. 5 Stars all the way!”

-Karl Bradford
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Karl’s shoreline, before and after:


“Exceeded All of Our Expectations”

“I have been in the construction business for 40 years. It is very rare when a large project like a riprap shoreline is done at your home and the professionalism, care and attention to detail blows you away. The lakeshoreguys, everyone on the crew, were fabulous. When the project was finished, a day earlier than expected, the final result exceeded all of our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with our new shoreline and would recommend the lakeshoreguys to anyone looking for a beautiful, perfectly sloped and hand placed riprap shoreline.”

-Tom & Lori Cascalenda
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

The Cascalendas’ shoreline, before and after:


“I Am a Perfectionist and Not Easily Impressed. They Exceeded My Expectations.”

“I found the Lakeshore Guys through an online search and was impressed by the detailed information and photos of their processes as well as all of the positive reviews of satisfied clients. I sent an email as instructed on website for a quote and heard back from Joe Palumbo (President/Owner) that very night.

“From the initial consult to project completion, Joe was knowledgeable and responsive. The project supervisors and crew were all extremely hard working, had great attention to detail, showed obvious pride in their work, and were respectful of property. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and not easily impressed, and they exceeded my expectations. From the quality shoreline work to reinstalling my dock better than the dock guys have ever done to straightening a leaning dock light and trimming trees on the shoreline they went above and beyond to make sure everything looked perfect when they left.

“If you are looking for shoreline restoration and preservation, the Lakeshore Guys will not disappoint. Their commitment to perfection as well as excellent customer service are unmatched by any company I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend Lakeshore Guys.”

-Pat W.
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)


“We Feel It Was The Right Choice”

“We had tremendous ice damage to our previously rip rapped shoreline winter 2017-18. A huge maple tree which was 50 plus years old was nearly toppled and the old rip rap was pushed several feet into our bank.

“After considerable research for contractors who do shoreline restoration we contacted Joe Palumbo at shoreline guys for an estimate. He responds almost immediately to any email (doesn’t answer the phone much) but usually responds to emails in hours or less!

“When he looked at the shoreline he was extremely professional and his explanation of what he recommended made sense, and was complete. We got an estimate in about a week and it was COMPLETE, explaining exactly what he was proposing to do and why, and including a number of photos and diagrams.

“The job was extensive, and expensive, but after getting other bids which didn’t itemize what would be done, and looking to preserve our shoreline for a long time we signed on. We reasoned that it was better to do the job right in the long haul and not be faced with the same situation in the short haul. We feel it was the right choice.

“Joe initially estimated 2 to 3 weeks to do the job but sent two full crews with equipment and finished in 7 working days (mostly 10-12 hour days). It was an amazing process to watch!

“Thanks to Mike and Ron the foremen and the entire hardworking crew. They were professional and patient with explanations of the reason for a couple of modifications they suggested as the job progressed (for example a muskrat wire barrier under the riprap when they noticed the number of muskrats moving along our shore, and there are LOTS of them in our Mississipi River lake).

“We are completely satisfied with the result (photos enclosed). We were impressed by how efficient and hardworking the crew were, nobody leaning on a shovel, ever!

“The damage to our yard, that was inevitable with the heavy equipment needed for the project, was reseeded and covered with erosion mat and wattle to prevent erosion. It is recovering well with consistent watering and by summers end should look like no equipment was there.

“Bottom line a BIG project which was beautifully accomplished. Cheap, no, worth it absolutely!!”

Bill and Sue Carskadon
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

The Carskadons’ shoreline, before and after:


“Would Have Regretted Not Doing It”

“Where to begin, to start I emailed Joe originally about our beach since the poor design it had washed away last fall after a bad rainstorm. After Joe came and looked over our shore he suggested the sea steps on top of redesigning the beach, which I had not even thought of. The design he came up with for the beach was just a thing of beauty. There is so much more usable area now and the grade is more gradual to hopefully slow the loss of sand. The sea steps work great for elderly friends I have over getting down onto the dock and they just look awesome. After starting work Joe pointed out the poor condition of some other areas of the shoreline and offered to have the guys remove all my old mulch and regrade to fix the little ice damage that was there. I was hesitant at first but now seeing it all done I would have regretted not doing it. We now look out our window and watch boats “slowly” drive by and admire our new shoreline, a thing of beauty.

“I have to say between repairing any yard damage to the quality of work they are a top notch business. Some things worth pointing out that stood out for me are:

-customer 1st
-very clear on work to be done and checking during during project with updates on any changes
-great well rounded employees who respect your property
-won’t cut corners just to make an extra buck
-Joe knows how to communicate with you without being pushy
-they don’t come at 5 am just to be off early, the guys show at a modest 8 but stay until 7-8 to get the most work done in a day.
-at the end of each day they don’t leave tools thrown all over the yard, everything is neatly organized for the next work day.
-brought their own portable bathroom so you won’t catch the guys watering your plants
-the sea steps are a thing of beauty

“Thanks Joe and Crew for the great work.”

-Nick Abernathy
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Nick’s shoreline, before and after:


“Astonished” Neighbors

“I was at the lake yesterday, and was absolutely amazed with the finished product! Simply saying that you and your crew exceeded my expectations would be a disservice to what you accomplished.

“From start to finish, you and your crew exemplify the meaning in pride of workmanship. During every step of the process, you met the highest standard possible. Your knowledge and ability to manage every step of the process in a fair and exemplary manner is matched by the crew you had working on this project.

“I was able to witness this pride in delivering a ‘job well done’, but what is even more of a testament to your high standards are the comments I received from three other homeowners on the lake. All three made a specific point regarding the respectfulness and hardworking professionalism of your crew. They were astonished at the shoreline transformation.

“Lastly, the extras you included (edging, mulch, neighbors step repair, transition from stairs to dock, just to name a few) went well beyond most every standard. You did these things because it was the right thing to do. This trait is rarely seen at this level in today’s business environment. I commend you for this.”

-Rob Peterson

Rob’s shoreline, before and after:


“Easy Access to Our Lake and a Beautiful Dock”

“These guys were awesome! Pulled out all the stops to make sure the job was done right and would exceed our expectations, which it absolutely did! Joe was so easy to work with; never pushed anything on us but certainly encouraged us to do the little things to ensure the project would be done right and last a long time. We’re so happy that we now have easy access to our lake and a beautiful dock to help enjoy it!”

-Greg Emmerich
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Greg’s shoreline, before and after:


“Actually Gained Some Shoreline”

“Joe and his Lakeshore Guys® crew did an amazing job completely re-doing our shoreline! Our #1 priority was to have a kid-friendly beach installed and to enhance the overall appearance of our waterfront. We also wanted to ensure maintenance-free lasting shoreline erosion protection.

“From the start Joe was extremely responsive, personable, and answered our many questions. He thought outside of the box as we had several questions around spring and fall dock/boat storage needs. The crew was very personable, professional, and extremely neat with equipment, supplies, and site clean-up. Everything went exactly as he described and when they encountered a surprise removing old shoreline material he contacted me right away with options to address it and keep things moving forward. We actually gained some shoreline as a result!

“Like in camping, “leave no trace”…they left our property in better shape than it was before they arrived by seeding around the new shoreline and the areas they had been with equipment.

“We’ve already received a number of compliments from family and friends only days later. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their waterfront!”
-Steve Anderson
Review on Google Maps and on Facebook (5 stars)

“If You Do It Right, You Won’t Have to Do It Over”

“September dropped 9+ inches of rain in 2 days, drastically raising our lake level. Straight-on 45 mph winds whipped across the lake sending 3ft. high rollers crashing into our shoreline, washing away our seawall and undercutting and eroding 2-3 ft of our shoreline. Local landscapers put in bids but their remedies seemed to be too little too late. Then I read the Lakeshore Guys® website and thought, ‘These guys know what they’re doing’.

“I wasn’t disappointed. Joe came right away examined the damage, measured and took photos and we had a quote the next day. The quote was considerably higher than the others I’d received, but it outlined a plan to actually RESTORE our shoreline. We accepted.

“The following week, Joe and his crew showed up with an armada of equipment and materials. In three days, they removed all the rubble, built up the shore with sand, raised our lawn with dirt fill, applied a high-quality fabric, and laid down 30 tons of fieldstone with meticulous care. They even raked and seeded the dirt fill and covered it with straw to prevent washout. The job wasn’t finished until they cleaned, raked and broomed until everything was in tip-top shape. We had absolutely no mess to clean up after.

“I must also say that the guys in the crew were very courteous, considerate, attentive to detail and very hard-working, We enjoyed having them around.

“I’ve learned that quality is not cheap and cheap is not quality – but if you do it right, you won’t have to do it over. I highly recommend the ‘Lakeshore Guys®‘ Thanks Joe, Gary, Ron and the two Mikes.”

-John Muellerleile
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

John’s shoreline, before and after:


“Not Happy Until We Were Happy”

“A review? Well, I read many reviews, all were good, so I hired them. And to my surprise, this is a company that actually does what they say they are going to do! Very refreshing experience. Very competent and friendly workers, great communication start to finish, fantastic work, and they were not happy – until we were happy. You 100% can ‘not’ go wrong working with this company and their employees. Top notch all the way. Nuff said, contact them.”

-Jim Thoren
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Jim’s shoreline, before and after:



“Our shoreline had been eroding over several years and there were multiple dead trees and stumps making the process of re-grading and improving the shoreline challenging. Joe and his team were not only up to the challenge, they went above and beyond to ensure our shoreline was re-enforced and beautiful. Their professionalism and communication made the process seamless. They even managed communication with the city and our neighbors ensuring all parties were happy with the end result. We highly recommend the Lakeshore Guys!”

-Wendy Degler
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)


“Very Detailed and Always Cleaned Up”

“Joe and his crew were beyond great to work with! Joe helped us a lot to figure out the best solution to make our shoreline look amazing! They were very detailed and always cleaned up at the end of the day. Ron the foreman sure knows his stuff. Thanks Mike for all your hard work on requesting a DNR permit in a timely matter. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you Joe and crew for a beautiful shoreline!”

-Janice Sebolboro
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)


“Had Muskrats”

“I would recommend the Lake Shore Guys to anyone looking for shoreline restoration. I had muskrats and they were very knowledgeable and worked with me to find the best solution. This company is trustworthy and does what’s in the best interest of the customer. Great experience!”

-Nick Heintzelman
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Nick’s shoreline, before and after:


“The Picture Speaks for Itself”

“The Lakeshore Guys® did an amazing job for us! They were very professional start to finish. We enjoyed working with them- they were very friendly and answered all questions that we had. The picture speaks for itself as to what a beautiful renovation it is to our lakeshore! We would highly recommend them to anyone!”

-Tom & Vickie Molin
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

The Molins’ shoreline, before and after:


“Our Kids Can’t Wait to Play on the New Beach”

“The Lakeshore Guys® did a great job cleaning up our lakeshore. Very friendly and professional staff. Our kids can’t wait to play on the new beach with Spring! I highly recommend the Lakeshore Guys®!”

-Corey Franklin
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Corey’s shoreline, before and after:


“Great Job Even Though It Rained through Half the Project”

“Had Lakeshore Guys® do a large backyard and lakeshore hardscaping job. They cut in a switchback in our backyard so we had walking access to the lake as well as redid the riprap so we quit losing our shoreline. They did a great job even though it rained through 1/2 the project which did lengthen the total project, but they didn’t move on to another job or alter pricing. Really good crew with multiple people who would check on you and let you know what was happening or asking for input (Mike, Ron and Gary all had lead on some item and did a great job for us.) We did have a little bit of erosion after another big rain fall and the same team was out a day or two later to address. Overall good experience.”

-Jason Wright
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Jason’s shoreline, before and after:


“Landscaping Companies Weren’t Able to Help”

“Great experience. They came up with some good ideas, whereas other landscaping companies weren’t able to help. I have, and will continue to, recommend Lakeshore Guys®.”

-Geralyn McDonald
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

“Finished the Work as Promised”

“After meeting with Joe, I knew this company was for me. Their motto of “doing it right” really was important to my shoreline project. At our meeting he took pictures of the shoreline and described in detail how he would mitigate the erosion and improve the esthetics at the same time. He listened to my anxiety about one aspect of the work and when the crew showed up he and the foreman had already developed an alternate access strategy that worked perfectly. The whole crew clearly took pride in their work and they were unfailingly courteous, friendly and professional. They always asked me if there was anything I thought needed to be corrected. Joe presented a detailed proposal, showed up when he said he would and finished the work as promised! What more could I wish for.”

-James Santelli
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

James’s shoreline, before and after:


“We Love Our New Shoreline”

“We would definitely recommend Lakeshore Guys® to anyone doing a shoreline landscape job. Joe and his crew were amazing–thorough, professional, friendly, creative and hardworking. From the first contact to the completed project, Joe always responded to our inquiries in a professional and timely manner including great suggestions or resolutions. Ron and the rest of the onsite team were one of the most professional crews we have had on our property–always respectful to us, our neighbors and our property. They started and finished the project on time and left our property in great condition. We love our new shoreline and are especially pleased with the new steps into the lake and the beautiful and functional dock approach. Thank you Lakeshore Guys®!”

-Kris Hayes
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Kris’s shoreline, before and after:


“Tempting to Invite Them Back, Just to See What Else They Can Do”

“In my backyard I have a creek about 10 feet away from the house. In the past year since I bought the house, I could see portions of the property pealing away with rising water from the storms we got. I think there were about eight guys all together and they managed to get back probably six inches of the property I lost. Out of like 50 tons of rock, these guys picked out flat stones for me to walk on so I can cross the creek. They trimmed a tree for me which was too high to reach. They added more stones to the rip rap when I asked them to. They took out a portion of my sidewalk which was cracked anyway and planted seed there. They were even willing to cut down a tree that was leaning over my house. They left a pile of topsoil for me to use later, after they got all done with it. Joe, the boss, make additional suggestions on how to make the riprap stronger by adding additional smaller rock to help lock in the bigger stones. I also had a bunch of junk in my creek, like a pile of old concrete blocks. They cleaned all that out. They even offered to share their lunch pizza with me because they wouldn’t eat it all. It’s kind of tempting to invite them back, just to see what else they can do with the place.”

-Joseph Hajtl
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Joseph’s shoreline, before and after:


“Did Exactly What They Said They Would Do and More”

“Having experienced nightmarish landscape projects in previous years, we were hesitant to take on another large project after our shoreline was damaged this past winter due to ice heave. After checking out several options, we contacted The Lakeshore Guys® and couldn’t be happier. They were punctual, professional and answered all our questions. They did exactly what they said they would do and more. Our lawn was left in pristine condition when they were done and they even laid sod where the lawn met the new shoreline at no additional charge to us because they thought it would be better than seeding and topsoil. Their attention to detail included things like hand selecting and placing rocks so our dock rested evenly on the new riprap shoreline. I would highly recommend them for any shoreline or landscape project. They were a pleasure to work with!”

-Bryan Sween
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Bryan’s shoreline, before and after:


“A Waterfront That We Can Use and Enjoy”

“First let me say that if you want the job done right, the Lakeshore Guys® should be your only consideration. We have a very shallow lakefront at our lake cabin, and have (had) a very low lying shoreline that remained muddy and soggy all year long, so much so, that the ‘yard’ was more moss than grass. The only way to get to the dock without sinking in mud was to use a wooden boardwalk that the previous owners had utilized. To make matters worse, we have two dogs that love to swim, but getting in and out of the lake required them to walk through the mud bank which stunk and resulted in having to hose them off every time they ventured into the lake.

“After doing a lot of research and reading the positive reviews of the LakeShore Guys, I reached out to Joe and explained my situation and requested a cost estimate. I assumed the only way he could truly understand the issues and scope of work required to fix this shoreline would be to see it first hand, however, he asked that I send him a couple of photos to see if they might have done something similar, in order to save money on an onsite consult (talk about integrity). I sent a few pictures as requested and sure enough, he sent back a before and after set of pictures that were nearly identical to what we were up against (I’m guessing they’ve just about seen it all), and the after picture was absolutely amazing and exactly what we were hoping we could achieve for our shoreline.

“Based on that previous job and some measurements Joe had me take, he gave me an estimate for the project with some recommended options and costs for those (splash apron, etc, which I’ll get to later). We decided to move forward with the Lakeshore Guys® (in early March) and set our date for the next available slot in their schedule (end of June). 2 weeks before our scheduled date we exchanged emails and Joe informed me that they could start the following week and expected the project to take about 3 days. Neither my wife or I could be there which made me a little uncomfortable having this scope of work done without even having met Joe or anyone from his team, or doing a walk-through of the property, but he assured me they would take great care to minimize the impact to the yard and that he would follow up with me if he encountered anything unexpected during his initial walk-through (remember he had not yet actually seen the property first hand) or during the course of the project.

“The following week, I received a phone call from Joe that they had arrived at our cabin and his initial assessment based on the photos provided was pretty accurate. Joe also informed me that one of his crew members was up talking to one of our neighbors who was up there for the week with friends to discuss the work they would be doing and to ensure that they were comfortable with the work taking place next door. (I later spoke with my neighbor after the work was complete and she said that all of the workers were very respectful, polite, and worked as quietly as possible. They had asked her if there were any issues they should be aware of and she’d indicated that due to some health issues it would be great if they could start later than normal (any time after 8:00 am instead of their normal time of 7:00 am) and they were more than happy to accommodate her request). Lakeshore Guys® might be a small company, but this level of care and consideration, not only for the customer, but for the neighbors who are impacted during the course of work, is truly world class.

“Joe gave me regular updates over the next 2 days of work (yes, they finished a day earlier than expected), and notified me of any changes from what the original plan would be in order to achieve the best results. For example, we had originally discussed lining the outer edges that needed to be raised with boulders, but after seeing the property he recommended just feathering the filled area out on either side, saving us some costs that could be used elsewhere, which we decided to use for the splash skirt option (the edged gravel bed separating the grass area from the rip rap) that he had included on the quote (which I’m glad we did – it’s a beautiful finishing touch that he pushed hard for, and after seeing it, I’d highly recommend). The only “unexpected” issue the team encountered was just how mushy and soggy our shoreline was and they found that just doing the fill work was not enough to firm up the ground. After some experimenting he found that adding their PVC coated steel mesh on top of the fabric did the trick, so much so, that he was able to drive the Bobcat on it without leaving a depression.

“After day 1, Joe texted me some pictures of the progress and (wow!) what a night and day difference they’d made. They worked through a rainstorm that rolled in later that afternoon, and he even took the unexpected initiative to have a team shovel out the muck area in the water (which couldn’t have been fun). Talk about pride in the work they do and in the final results. At the end of day 2, the work was completed and Joe sent me a series of pictures of not only our new shoreline, but also of the areas impacted by the equipment getting to and from the shoreline, and the work they did to address this. His crew even took the time to stack the old wooden boardwalk sections up by the driveway (near our fire pit). I cannot stress enough how professional Lakeshore Guys® are, not just in the quality of work they do, but in their approach to each project and attention to every little detail after the main scope of work is complete.

“From start to finish, Lakeshore Guys® exceeded my expectations. Joe is absolutely wonderful to work with, his team top notch, and the quality of work is outstanding. They even provided a set of care instructions to keep their work looking good for years to come. We’re excited to finally have a water front that we can use and enjoy. The end result is the best testimony and my neighbors were so impressed that they’ve asked for details on who we used, so hopefully Joe and his team will be back (so I can actually meet him face to face and shake his hand)!”

-Erin Doherty
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Erin’s shoreline, before and after:


“In Love with My Lake Front Again”

“Joe and his team did a PHENOMENAL job at our cabin! He gave us great guidance on the project because honestly, we didn’t know what to do. I don’t think I have ever worked with a company more professional. I never waited for a response and they exceeded my expectations for quality and time. They even provided amazing drone pictures of the completed work. I am in love with my lake front again. Thank you Lakeshore Guys®!”

-Ryan Andersen
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

“Amazingly Beautiful”

“The Lakeshore Guys® took our neglected lake shore and created an amazingly beautiful shoreline. Joe and his team are very professional. Every step of the way we were notified and kept in the loop. The guys are polite and hardworking. Everyone of them said “Hi” and they always had a smile. Very impressive! They even found someone to take my old boat lift and they redid the fire pit. I highly recommend the Lakeshore Guys®!”

-Sarah Londerville
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Sarah’s shoreline, before and after:


“We Continue to Receive Compliments”

“We would absolutely use Lakeshore Guys® again on any landscaping job. They did a fantastic job on our lakeshore repair! Their level of expertise and open line of communication was fantastic. We continue to receive compliments on our lakeshore project from friends & family. I would definately recommend Lakeshore Guys®!”

-Kevin Lerdall
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

Kevin’s shoreline, before and after:


“Peace of Mind Going into Winter”

“Thank you, Joe. The shoreline looks every bit as fantabulous in person as it does in pictures! I cannot begin to describe the peace of mind this gives us going into winter! Thank you for going above and beyond to get this done so well yet this year. We are blown away by your professionalism, as well as your knowledge & passion for your work. We also appreciate the fact that you’re just plain fun:) And thanks to you and your crew for being so tidy on the property…both the shoreline & boathouse were in tip-top shape. You guys are the best!”

-Mindy & Bill Muenzberg

The Muenzbergs’ shoreline, before and after:


“Just That Good”

“We stumbled into Lakeshore Guys® on the computer by googling “Lakeshore.” Imagine that! We ended up with a beautiful new shoreline that far exceeded our expectations. After a meeting with Joe and a design consultation, four nice guys with matching jackets with logo’s showed up, introduced themselves and proceeded to create, mostly by hand, a new shoreline and hardly make a dent in our lawn. The only sign of serious work was the place where a stump and retaining wall were removed by the crew, filled in and sodded over. This was a freebie. Boy was I happy not to have to deal with looking at that any more. I am a new lakeshore owner and don’t know anything about this stuff, but I know what looks good, and when a neighbor that knows these things guessed the cost and guessed high, I knew I made the right decision. I researched these guys and couldn’t find any complaints so I thought, either he is that good, or he’s got a great IT dept. Well, I’ll just say, from my experience he’s just that good. If you want a great looking lakeshore done, on time, reasonably priced, and end up with no sign of heavy work afterward then Lakeshore Guys® are the ones. Although that Muskrat may not agree! Thanks Joe.”

-Jerry Jones & Jonsey Jones
Review on Facebook (5 stars)

The Jones’s shoreline, before and after:

For a riprap shoreline that will stand the test of time and that you can proudly show off, contact Lakeshore Guys® today!