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Ugly Shoreline?

Mother Nature creates a few naturally beautiful shorelines, and many ugly shorelines. Landscapers create only ugly shorelines. No matter why your shoreline is an eyesore, or how long you've put up with it, Lakeshore Guys® can make your shoreline the crown jewel of your property.

Damaged Shoreline?

Is your shoreline a pile? Rough Midwestern winters with ice-heaving can ruin a shoreline. (They're almost as good at ruining shorelines as landscapers are.) Even a summer storm can turn your shoreline to rubble. We build the toughest riprap shorelines money can buy, and we can help.

Eroding Shoreline?

An eroding shoreline is one you can't enjoy. It's also expensive (and taxable) property that the powers-that-be won't let you reclaim if it washes away - whether due to Mother Nature or lowly landscaper. We've been controlling erosion for 20+ years, and we can help you keep your land.

Perfection isn’t our goal. It’s our standard.

The Only Shoreline Tougher Than Nature

(Read more about how we build the toughest shorelines, the professionalism you can expect of us, and our quick disclaimer.)

Your local landscaper is powerless to stop the erosion

See photos of shorelines "built" by landscapers

Any old landscaper can unfurl some sweatshop-made landscape fabric, dump unwashed quarry rock on it, and call it a shoreline. That's usually what happens. But hiring a landscaper (or any other non-specialist) is a mistake, because their work rarely lasts. Even if the shoreline doesn't collapse after a winter (or get devoured by muskrats), it starts looking ratty and ownerless. Most often, the shoreline just doesn't stop the erosion or ice damage, and you lose more of your land.

"Local landscapers put in bids but their remedies seemed to be too little too late. Then I read the LakeshoreGuys website and thought, 'These guys know what they're doing'. I wasn't disappointed....Joe came right away examined the damage, measured and took photos and we had a quote the next day. The quote was considerably higher than the others I'd received, but it outlined a plan to actually RESTORE our shoreline. We accepted....I've learned that quality is not cheap and cheap is not quality - but if you do it right, you won't have to do it over.  I highly recommend  the 'Lakeshore Guys®'.  Thanks Joe, Gary, Ron and the two Mikes." - John Muellerleile (read full review)

"Your attention to detail and your determination to 'do it once, do it right' turned our lake shore project into one of the most successful projects we have ever undertaken. I wouldn't be surprised to see a picture of your entire team next to the word "craftsmanship" in the dictionary." - Darrell Adkins (see full review)

Read more about Lakeshore Guys

Riprap specialists who build riprap shorelines that last

We at the Lakeshore Guys® think you probably want a little more out of your shoreline. You want your lakefront home or cabin to be a place where things look good and don't break. You want your shoreline to be as tough as possible, but also easy on the eyes.

"We now look out our window and watch boats ‘slowly’ drive by and admire our new shoreline, a thing of beauty." - Nick Abernathy (read full review)

We specialize in riprap shorelines, but offer a full range of services to create your perfect shoreline. The Lakeshore Guys®' signature Armored Shoreline is the toughest riprap shoreline money can buy.

Owner Joe Palumbo and his Lakeshore Guys® team know and care about all the details that matter - the proper slope, the toughest fabric, the best type of rock, the right amount of rock, and much more.

Our painstaking perfectionism has a purpose, though. You want your shoreline to stand the test of time, so you don’t have to get it rebuilt in 2 years. You also want it to match your tastes perfectly - as though you placed every stone and plant with your own hands.

You want it to be so durable that generations of your family feel like your shoreline has been in the family for as long as there’s been a lake.

You probably want to enjoy your shoreline this year, too.

"We had 80+ feet of chaos (soil pushed up two feet from ice jacking, overgrown plants, trees taking over, etc.), and Lakeshore Guys® worked their magic to make our shoreline amazing....We feel as if we purchased a neighboring lot because we can’t get over how much space we can now enjoy." - Shawn Johnson (read full review)

We save shorelines throughout Minnesota (and beyond)

Lakeshore property owners from all parts of Minnesota trust Lakeshore Guys® - sometimes known as Shoreline Guys™ - to rescue their shorelines. We've saved shorelines on Lake Superior, in the Brainerd / Pelican Lake / Whitefish Chain of Lakes area, the Detroit Lakes area, and of course around greater Minneapolis / St. Paul. Just as Minnesota is known for its lakes, lake-loving Minnesotans prefer to work with a company that is known for lakeshore expertise - specifically, building the toughest riprap shorelines known to man.

"We went from one of the worst shorelines on our lake, to being in the top 5 now - several of the other top shorelines have been done by Lakeshore Guys® too!" - Jandeen Boone (read full review)

"I've been around a long time and have had lots of contractors do work for me but I've never seen this level of dedication to efficiency, coordination, keeping the work site tidy, and focus on getting the job done right....The RESULT: Our new shoreline looks fantastic! It was built to the highest standards both structurally and aesthetically. And, it's become the talk of neighborhood." - Ron Butterfield (read full review)

We also travel

Although Minnesota is our home, we travel to shorelines throughout the Lower 48 and Midwest, including in lake-rich Wisconsin and North Dakota. If you're willing to put us up in a cheap hotel for a few days, we can travel and build you a shoreline that will stand up to erosion and delight you for many years.

Let us build you the toughest, most beautiful riprap shoreline you can ask for

If you’d like a perfect shoreline that will stand the test of time, please read our clear and commonsense disclaimer and call us at today at 612-568-3041.

P.S. Why should you NOT hire a landscaper for your shoreline?

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