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Videos of Our Riprap Shorelines

A photo is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a video can be worth a thousand photos. Our photos are hard to miss on this site, but you may not have seen videos of our shorelines.

Here’s a time-lapse of us restoring a shoreline:

A time-lapse video of a Lakeshore Guys® shoreline resisting ice-heaving over a winter. It’s part of an interview Fox 9 did with us at a customer’s property.

If you want to see only the time-lapse video:

Here’s KARE-11 interviewing us:

Below is a quick walk-through by one of our customers, of her shoreline after a major storm on Lake Superior. (We did a little case-study on this particular shoreline, and have some videos of the shoreline during the storm.)

Here’s another walk-through video, by another customer, that shows how our shorelines stand up to ice damage:

For more videos, check out Lakeshore Guys®‘ YouTube channel.

To end erosion and get a beautiful shoreline, contact Lakeshore Guys® today.