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Outside the Midwest? You Can Still Hire the Best

Outside the Midwest? You Can Still Hire the Best

There’s no distance too great for us to travel to make your riprap shoreline everything you’ve ever wanted it to be (and more).

We’re often contacted by lakefront homeowners in all corners of the US – from New York to Florida to California to Oregon, and everywhere in-between.  They’ve seen our shoreline work, they understand what makes it the strongest and the best money can buy, they’ve read reviews from our customers, and know that we’re the shoreline experts for them. Often they know how bad landscapers’ work is, and know that hiring a local landscaper is a bad option.

If you’ve got a sizable shoreline and an even-bigger desire to get it restored correctly, it’s probably worth it to you not only to hire the best, but also to pay a bit extra for the best to travel to you.  Because of the extreme demand for our work right here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, a farther-away shoreline needs to be worth the extra time and effort we’ll put forth.  We’ve got specialized equipment and tools (and even-more-specialized experts) that we’ll need to haul out to your shoreline.  Whether it be just a few hundred miles away, or a cross-country adventure, there’s extra effort, time, and cost involved.

That probably doesn’t matter much to you if the quality of your shoreline is paramount (as we think it should be).  You simply want the best work, performed by the best craftsmen – even if they have to travel.  In that case, check out our reviews, read about our process, check out photos of our shorelines, imagine how your perfect shoreline will look, and contact Lakeshore Guys® to make it happen.