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Shoreline Erosion Photos

What does an eroded shoreline look like? We assume your shoreline is one example, but you may want other examples to compare it to – other shorelines that made their owners say, “Enough.” We’ve got plenty of photos for you.

We photograph just about every shoreline we see, not only the masterpieces we build. Most of the photos below are of shorelines in their natural state, where a landscaper was not hired. (Often you can tell the eroded natural shorelines from landscapers’ shorelines because the landscapers’ shorelines are even uglier.)

The owners of some of these shorelines later became customers. Others chose to lose more shoreline, pay taxes on property they no longer own, and enjoy their lakefront property less.  If you want to see erosion, scroll down to see photos.  If you’ve had enough erosion, contact Lakeshore Guys®.

Here’s example so extreme it made the news. Below is a photo of the property in 2015, before the erosion got serious. Notice where the edge of the land is, relative to the house.

Here’s a photo of the very same property only 4 years later, in 2019.

If those photos remind you of your shoreline, consider making yours an Armored Shoreline. It’s the roughest, toughest, and best-looking riprap shoreline money can buy – as you’ll see in our photos, reviews, and this case-study. On your way to an erosion-resistant shoreline you can enjoy again, you can expect Lakeshore Guys®’ legendary professionalism.