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Contact Lakeshore Guys® Once You’ve Completed Your Search for the Best

Whether on a small pond, your favorite fishing hole, Lake Superior, or the mighty Mississippi, a Lakeshore Guys shoreline will always make you proud.

Want the perfect shoreline, and want it built to last? Schedule a shoreline consultation with Joe Palumbo, owner of Lakeshore Guys®. Our consultations are not free, but our 25+ years of shoreline expertise will save you many thousands of dollars and months or years of frustration. With us, the truth comes first and the “sale” comes second.

The riprap shoreline is our claim to fame, but we can combine yours with muskrat-deterrence, a native/natural buffer zone (that’s DNR-approved), steps or staircases, and all kinds of other features.

If you still might hire a landscaper or other non-specialist, please continue your search. If you know just how bad landscapers’ shoreline work is and are still considering them just because the price seems right, then we’re not the guys you’re looking for.  Unless it’s a company that ONLY restores shorelines, you’re just kicking the can down the road.  But if you know in your bones the difference between a shoreline and a shoreline built like a Roman aqueduct, you already know what your next step is.

Please take a moment to read our clear and reasonable fine-print, and contact Lakeshore Guys® today. Here on this page you can tell us about your vision, and we’ll get back to you right away.

Thinking you might hold off on your shoreline project? A few reasons you might want to get us started now, in the fall of 2022, rather than later:

  1. The water level is low now, because of the drought. It’s easier to work on a shoreline when the water is low, and we can minimize further damage from erosion shortly after the melting snow and spring rains.
  2. We can get to your shoreline sooner. Most people wait until the water is high to take the next step, but that’s when everyone else has the same idea and we’re booked solid for months (or even for the entire season).
  3. The economy won’t get better any time soon. Inflation and labor costs will stay up or worsen and supply-chain issues will persist. But the erosion will continue, and protecting your shoreline against it may take even more work and even more money.
  4. You can lock in this year’s pricing. We’ve resisted a price increase all year, but we’ll need to increase our prices substantially in the spring (2023).

(By the way, do you know anybody who’s looking for a great career, or even just a fun summer job? We’re hiring. We’d sure appreciate if you tell a friend.

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