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What You Need to Know about Your Lakeshore Guys Shoreline

What You Need to Know about Your Lakeshore Guys® Shoreline

Our riprap shorelines are the best-engineered and toughest shorelines money can buy, but even they are not impervious to the occasional extreme wrath of Mother Nature.  For instance, some winters bring unusually destructive ice-jacking, whereas other months may bring record-setting rainfall, high water levels, extreme wave action, and other forms of atypically violent earthly punishment.

On our “Pricing” page we explain exactly why our shorelines cost more up-front but are less expensive in the long run than landscapers’ cheaply built shorelines.  Just the same, no shoreline is invincible.

Because of that, we cannot guarantee that our shorelines will hold up for a specific length of time or withstand a certain event (for the same reason insurance companies don’t insure shorelines).  In the vast majority of cases our shorelines do withstand Mother Nature’s fury.  But to “guarantee” that would be madness – and dishonest.  In fact, should you run into a company that does guarantee their shorelines, we recommend you run in the opposite direction.  They are not shoreline professionals.

But here’s what we DO guarantee you:

  • We will build your shoreline out of the finest non-sweatshop-made materials made.
  • We will use specialized materials built specifically for shorelines, and only if they’re the best (rather than the cheapest). You won’t see them in the scratch-and-dent pile at Home Depot, and they’re not available from your local retail store of landscape supply center.
  • We will use those top-quality materials generously, and will never skimp.
  • We will never cut corners in any way.
  • We will build your shoreline with the craftsmanship and engineering prowess of a Roman aqueduct builder, and with the courtesy and manners of a Japanese tea-ceremony master.
  • We will complete your shoreline with our legendary professionalism.
  • We will back up our work with an unheard-of guarantee: either we observe all of the above practices and your shoreline EXCEEDS your expectations, or we don’t ask you for a penny more than our standard miniscule reservation deposit. Once we’ve laid the last stone and fluffed the area of turf, we will ask: “Did we exceed your expectations?”  If the answer is anything other than a resounding “[BLEEP] yes!” we will do whatever it takes to get that reaction (which never gets old to us).

In case you’re still considering another company, we hope you’ll ask them what their guarantee is, and grill them on the quality of the shorelines they’re claiming to guarantee.  (We explain and show you exactly why our shorelines are so tough, as well as our other professional standards.)  If their guarantee sounds more armor-clad than the proposed shoreline does, you’re being played.  No experienced and honest shoreline company would ever guarantee their work against the truly unknown forces of Mother Nature.

If you appreciate our frankness and get the feeling (or have seen) that we know what we’re doing, please contact us so we can build you the toughest shoreline on God’s green earth.