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Shoreline Landscaping Summer Jobs for High School Students

Shoreline Landscaping Summer Jobs for High School Students Near Forest Lake MN: Hiring for Full-Time Summer Job

While most other people in high school stare at their phones all summer or go to sleepaway dork camp, you can earn solid money, build muscle, make extra friends, and give yourself an excellent career option for later.  If you’re looking for a job for just one summer, or several summers, or want to start something now that you might stick with for a while, we’ve got the summer job for you: building shorelines.

Lakeshore Guys team standing on shoreline

It’s like landscaping, except you’re working at the water’s edge to create a shoreline that resists erosion.  We build our shorelines out of rock, fabric, and expertise.

You’re probably a great fit for this summer job if you:

  • Can pass a drug test with flying colors
  • Have a valid driver’s license and a way to get to the jobsite every morning, Monday through Friday
  • Don’t have a physical condition that prevents you from doing pretty demanding work
  • Don’t have a rap sheet, and don’t have a driving record that causes us concern
  • Enjoy getting out and about.  We work mostly in the Twin Cities area, but often go farther away.
  • Don’t have blue or purple hair (it clashes with our sharp black uniforms)
  • Like the rewards of hard work and seeing where your own steam can take you

If the only reason you’re looking for a job is your parents keep yelling you to get off the couch, then working with us probably isn’t your best move.

On the other hand, you don’t have to pretend, like “It’s always been my dream to lug rocks onto a beach.”  If you want a summer job simply for money to get some things you need and a lot of things you want, that’s good enough for us.  The job will grow on you.  That’s how it was for most of us when we started here.  Working next to or knee-deep in water every day can be a blast!  There are plenty of jobs we bring the grill and cook lunch on our own private shoreline.

A summer job of building shorelines is hard work, but it’s also fun and fulfilling, pays well, and beats pretty much all the alternatives.  Working here, you’ll be closer to getting your own place, able to make more purchases you don’t need to explain to anybody, and more financially free than most other people in the 15-19 age range.

So if you live within 20 miles of Forest Lake MN, meet the other criteria we mentioned, and you want a job with good pay for at least one summer and maybe want a high-paying career option that you can keep in your back pocket for later, apply here.