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Shoreline Landscaping Summer Jobs for College Students

Shoreline Landscaping Summer Jobs for College Students Near Forest Lake MN: Hiring for Full-Time Summer Job

If you’re a college student who lives within 20 miles of Forest Lake MN during the summer, you want or need a summer job, you’re not sure what the future holds, but you are sure you don’t want your job to involve asking people “Do you want fries with that?”, consider building shorelines with us.

You’ll be paid well for as long as you’re with us, work in the fresh air, and give yourself an excellent long-term career option for later.

Lakeshore Guys team standing on shoreline

You can spend about 30 seconds on this site and know what we’re about.  We may already have a bead on you, because we assume you’re in one of 3 situations:

  • You’re at a vocational or tech school because you want a hands-on career that involves building stuff and working in a meritocracy.
  • You’re at a liberal arts school, you aren’t sure when or if your degree will help you get a decent job, and you don’t want to push pixels, talk on Zoom all day, and censor yourself and apologize for a living.
  • You’re taking a gap year, or need a new summer job, or are at some other fork in the road, and the conventional next moves just don’t sound right to you.

Your day-to-day work will be much like landscaping, except you’re working at the water’s edge to create a shoreline that resists erosion.  Our shorelines are made of rock and fabric, and built with heavy machinery, elbow grease, and expertise.

The minimum qualifications are that you:

  • Can pass a drug test with flying colors
  • Have a valid driver’s license and a way to get to the jobsite every morning, Monday through Friday
  • Don’t have a condition that prevents you from doing demanding work
  • Don’t have a rap sheet, and don’t have a driving record that causes us great concern
  • Leave all the woke stuff back with Professor Purplehair in Sociology 101
  • Understand that “higher education” doesn’t accomplish much unless you’re also anchored in the real world, where you need to work hard and sometimes see how your handiwork holds up to simple tests (like, “Does it collapse?”)

It’s also a plus if you like to get out and about and take in new scenery.  We work mostly in the Twin Cities area, but often go farther away.

It can be just a summer job, but it can also give you a great full-time career option for after college.  Especially if you have an engineering or mechanical bent AND you keep working hard, eventually you could move up to foreman and make 6 figures if you’ve got what it takes.  You’ll have options.

No matter where it fits into your master plan, here you’ll make good money, learn or apply real skills, and not be lorded over by blue checkmarks on Twitter or other people who don’t know anything.

Also, if you’re not already at this stage, with the money you make here you can probably move into your own place sooner, rather than breathe the air of 7 roommates or live with mom and dad until all 3 of you discuss the latest edition of AARP Magazine before hitting the early-bird specials.

So if you’re a strong and scrappy college student who lives within 20 miles of Forest Lake MN, meet the other criteria we mentioned, and you want a job with good pay for at least one summer and maybe want a high-paying career option that you can keep under your hat for later, apply now.