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Losing Your Minnesota Lakefront Shoreline to Erosion? Riprap to the Rescue!

As lifelong Minnesotans, we know exactly why you’ve chosen to own lakefront property here.  Relaxing with your family by the shoreline is magical.

The Land of 10,000 Lakes may have the best lakes, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at most people’s shorelines.  Either they’re already eaten up by erosion, or will erode sooner or later.

Only a riprap shoreline can end erosion and stand the test of time.  Your local landscaper doesn’t have the experience or expertise to build an erosion-resistant shoreline for you.  (But he sure knows how to cash your check for work that – he hopes –  you’ll need re-done in just a couple of years.)

Our riprap shorelines are the toughest built, for no fewer than 15 reasons.  A Lakeshore Guys® riprap shoreline is both rugged and beautiful.  To stop the erosion and start enjoying your shoreline again, contact Lakeshore Guys® today.